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MATV / IRS, Intergrated Systems

With our expanding client database we work with many managing agents, architects, surveyors, housing associations, local councils, property developers and interior designers etc one requirement most of our clients have is to have one main system that combines terrestrial digital and/ or satellite services to multiple dwellings. We at Thames Aerial Services plan, design and install IRS (Integrated Reception System) and MATV (Master Antenna Television).

Integrated Reception Systems: Distributes UHF/ TV, VHF/ FM and/ or DAB and satellite signals to multiple positions within a dwelling. This allows landlords to provide a range of services for the end user. They have the option for to receive free to air services or subscribe to various services rather than relying one sole service provider.

Master Antenna Television: Distributes UHF/ TV, VHF, FM, DAB signals through a system whereby certain channels are viewable at multiple TV positions. This type of system is commonly found in hospitals, hotels, schools and offices. If satellite channels are required this then becomes a SMATV system.

The benefits of installing these systems is not only does it provide end user with an array of services to select for viewing TV but minimises the amount of antennae on a building and ensure cables are run neatly and discretely. 

We can also help your clients/ tenants make the most of their pre-wired home entertainment system.

We are specialists in designing a system to suit your requirements, we design, advise and install systems from small to large scale projects.

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